Circadian Space    No single object could better symbolise the dominance of social time in Western societies than the alarm clock. It interrupts the physical need for sleep and interferes with our body clock. Contemporary life is dictated by external time-givers (societal expectations day and night), but what happens if we concentrate on our body and individual time signature?   The project concept Circadian Space investigates an alternative time system based on the circadian rhythm. In collaboration with chronobiologists, sociologists and an interior designer, it will involve the construction of a temporary architectural space representing the body clock. In a seven-day experiment, five selected participants will live in the space, pursuing their own independent rhythms, irrespective of today’s temporal organisation. Hours, minutes and seconds are meant to recede in importance as the space becomes the clock. The aim of the project is to challenge thought patterns regarding the temporal structure of life, and to stimulate public discussion about imposed external time versus internal bodily rhythms.  Project commissioned by Z33, showcase at the  4th Istanbul Design Biennial , Turkey, September 22nd to November 4th, 2018
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